ZappaSlave goes live on

While not actual news, author “ZappaSlave” finally goes live properly on  Until S-video cables are available for the 360 and Ps3, Ill be locked to everything prior to last-gen consoles, with frequent speed runs for Parasite Eve.  Primarily focused on ps1 and 2 games.   Lame update but hey,>>> MORE

Review: The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav


Hey look, Daniel is reviewing another point and click adventure game. Oh, and it’s by the same publisher as the last point-and-click game he reviewed, The Whispered World. I bet he’s going to say it’s a fantastic adventure game with an amazing story-line and clever, likable characters and an astonishing>>> MORE

Zero Credibility – Episode 4 “Wait… What?”


As the new year rings in we at One Credit Left cast away the old (and specifically bad) and with hope save some space for the new, and as such Hicks casts away the shackles and continues on with the Zero Credibility podcast.  Still recovering from the Christmas season the>>> MORE